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Welcome to the help section, here you can find the basics to start a new proyect using TyniMVC


In order to install TyniMVC framework you have to copy the files into your web directory, just copy all files includding the hidden .httaccess, this is very important for the url parse vars when you have the Apache mod_rewrite enabled..


The only configuration you need to do is to edit the /core/model.php file to setup your host, database, username and password.


Using this framework is very easy, that's the reason to use it as a teaching resource


The layout is the main frame of our site, here you can put images, menus, javascript, etc.

Default layout is located in /views/layout/default.tpl, you can have as many layouts you want to.

All the contents of your site will be placed in $content_here, so you have to print this var to get the contents in the layout


Views are files wich content html or php code, vars are parsed into the view from the controller

Default view is /view/home.tpl and in this directory you must to put your own view files.


The Controller files are php classes and must to extend the Controller class

The default method is index() and this is loaded if no other are given

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